Client Success: Increasing App Installs at a lower CPI

Weekly Installs
100 %
Less in Cost per Install
Weekly In-app Payments


A young tech company (name withheld to protect data) introduced a videoconference app and needed quick increase in number of installs. The company had been internally managing an AdWords Pay-Per-Click advertising account for over a year, however this channel was one of the poorest performers within their Marketing-Mix.


Adwords efforts were becoming far more expensive and returning less on their investment due to the huge discrepancy between the actual and the goal KPI numbers.

Main KPIs: Number of app installs and Cost per Install (CPI)

Goal:  To increase number of Installs at a given or below the goal CPI

Actual historical CPI: $90

Goal CPI: $15


  • Account restructure aiming for higher granularity and precise naming convention
  • Launching new campaigns types (Search campaigns, App install, Universal app Campaigns)
  • Fixing app tracking issue ensuring that correct data about app installs is recorded
  • Removing Google ban to advertise sensitive topics
  • Solid keyword research to find low-cost longtailsDaily cleaning of irrelevant
  • expensive searches with negative keywords


Solving tracking problem and gaining an ability to bring people to appstores to download the app allowed to reach next KPI improvements:

  • 915% CPI decrease, from $90 to $7,6 which is ca. 2 times less as the goal CPI
  • Numerous increase of avg. Number of Installs – from 7 per week to 290 per week



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