Client Success: Automated Account Scaling

Campaigns per account
Keywords per Campaign


A well-established online shop of designer apparel (name withheld to protect data) was entering 5 new markets and needed a quick of 5 Adwords accounts fully setup for the simultaneous start of marketing activities.


  • High number of SKU in the shop (around 200 brands, each brand has numerous items in different categories, like shoes, dresses, skirts etc.)
  • Women and Men lines, Sale items, Seasonal collections
  • Often changing assortment, items or whole clothing lines could be out of stock or arriving daily


  • Based on Google Shopping feed combined with a website crawling, a new feed for campaign building was created
  • With the help of Excel macro I was able to create >100 well structured, granular account campaigns at once


  •  Huge time and manpower saving of new accounts rollout
  • >2 mln keywords per account
  • >1K campaigns per account
  • 3 Ad copies per Ad group
  •  Unique for each campaign Ad Extensions (Callouts, Structural snippets and Sitelinks) were created automatically



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